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Guys Aaron Paul just called Darren buddy on twitter/instagram. I’m so happy.

No Oscar is worth that.
Blaine Anderson
Blaine Anderson: Debonaire Homosexual

I truly believe that all of the things I do are connected, and this brings us back to the beginning of our conversation - with music bleeding into acting and acting bleeding into my love of communication and human beings, and creating a discussion. x


I’m pretty sure this scene here is when Darren decided he’d been playing Blaine too “conservatively”and decided to just start camping it up.

Darren Criss for Indie Magazine [Source]
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So it looks like Jared and Jensen are meeting Darren’s butt.

I’d really like to hear Darren and Chord as themselves or as Blaine and Sam cover an Avett Brothers song. Particularly “I and Love and You”.