WiFi: connected
Me: then fucking act like it

"I’m Anastasia Beaverhausen. Anastasia, like Russian royalty. Beaverhausen, like where the beaver live." - Karen Walker

if derek dies, im out.
teen wolf fandom (via happilyandstrong)



The best kinds of laughter:

  • Laughing so hard that your laugh becomes silent and you sit there clapping like a fucking seal
  • Feeling a six-pack coming up
  • Tears coming out of your eyes

#you know you’re fucked when its a combination of all three




remember when bee movie promoted bestiality 


i need a moment

There hasn’t been a sadness that can’t be cured by breakfast food.
Ron Swanson’s manly words of wisdom, Parks And Recreation. (via keiserone)


If Parrish dies I’m quitting life.

Hey you i like you, i’m going to keep you
Stiles stilinkski and the whole fandom on jordan parrish (via scottmkcall)

"The only thing that is artificial or fake about me is this!